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Why alpacas


Alpacas are the perfect animal for the small land owner, and below is a list of why ……….

  • Alpacas only have their babies(Cria) on sunny days between 10 am and 3.00 pm  Alpacas have the ability regulate the length of their gestation which is normally 11.5 months

  • Alpacas are extremely gentle animals; they never challenge people, which means very small children are safe being amongst them
    Alpacas hang out in families – You can separate a mum and daughter for several years and they find each other in minutes once they are put back together
    Alpacas are easy to handle and don’t require any equipment to hold them – you can do it on your own

  • Alpacas are a very easy care animal for the “weekend farmer”
    Alpacas don’t challenge fences
    Alpacas  don’t get foot rot or fly strike or need docking
    Alpacas need little maintenance
    Alpacas only need shearing once a year
    Alpacas can be farmed on as little as 2 acres and you can run 7 or 8 to the acre

  • Alpacas are environmentally friendly – they have a very small foot print
    Alpacas eat less than sheep and turn your pasture into bowling greens
    Alpacas poo in piles, making collection very easy
    Alpaca Poo is the ultimate natural fertilizer of all the farm animals – it can be used on seedlings

  • Alpacas come when you call them – no need for dogs or bikes to round them up
    Alpacas are extremely inquisitive – they inspect everything you do on your land
    Alpacas warn you when a stranger or a stray animal is on your property – They have a warning call.
    Alpacas make interesting sounds – They Cluck to their new born Cria, they Hum to each other, The males Orgle to the girls (tell them they love them) and they warn each other of any danger present

  • Alpacas are clever and have amazing memories
    Alpacas can be transported in Station wagons/Vans and small trailers – they sit down when travelling
    Alpacas are easily Halter Trained (less than 2 hours) and love going for walks

  • Alpacas live for up to 25 years
    Alpacas don’t have to be killed to make a return from them

  • Alpaca fleece is called “The Fibre of the Gods”
    Alpaca fleece is warmer and stronger than sheep wool
    Alpaca fleece has no prickle factor – It has a 7 micron better handle than sheep wool of the same micron
    Alpacas come in 22 basic colours and 250 shades – All beautiful natural colours

  • Alpacas will steal your heart
    Alpacas playing In the evening – watching this is one of the joys of life
    Alpaca Kisses are as soft as Butterfly Kisses

It’s Official – Owning Alpacas “will” change your lives ……………

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