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How to get started in the alpaca industry

Well you have made the first step by looking at our website. We would like to thank you for visiting our site and we hope the information below will help you get started in this exciting Alpaca Industry.

Basic requirements of owning Alpacas:

  • Water Supply – Having good water is always a good place to start. A simple rule (and something to think about) if it is not good enough for you to drink, then why should your animals?
  • Shelter is also very nice to have – Trees that can offer shelter from the elements both in storms and from the hot summer sun is always nice for the animals.
    A good shed where you can house animals in severe weather is also a good idea and is essential if you are to have any births during the winter months.
  • Fences – Alpacas don’t challenge fences so sheep fencing is more than adequate, if you already have deer fencing, this too is excellent. Small paddocks will allow you to rotate paddocks so you can always move animals onto fresh pasture.
  • Do your homework – learn as much about Alpacas as you can before you purchase your first animals. Think about what sort of animals you would like to own and why.
    Do you just want a couple of pet boys to look nice in your house paddock?
    Do you want to be able to spin your own fleeces and make products from their fleece?
    Do you want to breed Alpacas for their fleece?
    Would you like to breed top quality animals and maybe show them at some stage?
  • Visit as many Breeders as possible, before you purchase your first animals – This is really important as every breeder has different points of view and also have different animals.
    Don’t buy on impulse or emotion – think about what you want your own herd to look like.
  • Deal with a reputable breeder – By visiting as many breeders as possible, you will find someone who you believe you can trust and work with and who will help you during your first year.
    An ABANZ Breeder is the best place to start, as we all agree on the same code of contact and we will all help you out during your initial early days. ABANZ members will offer advice on any animals you are thinking about buying.
  • Look at the Cria every Stud Male is leaving, and ask yourself, "Is this what I want my herd to look like?". Choosing the right Stud Male to put over your girls is a very important step in producing the animals you want to breed. Many breeders believe that their Stud Boy is the best male in the world, look at his offspring and you decide this, not the owner of the Stud Male.
  • Find out what Vets in your area deal with Alpacas – A good working relationship with a local vet is a must in any farming venture. Our ABANZ members will introduce you to the vets we use and help you learn when you need to call a vet for help.
  • Become involved in your Industry by learning as much as you possibly can – Attend all the ABANZ field days, farm visits and events that ABANZ puts on for its members. You learn so much at all of these events, just by talking to other breeders.
  • And most importantly – Become an ABANZ member – Hopefully you have purchased your first animals from an ABANZ member and they will nominate you to become a member of our Association. The forms are on this website.

We hope this has helped you in getting started in our exciting industry and remember that any ABANZ member will always be happy to help you out.

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