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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy


This is the Privacy Policy for the AlpacaME Trade Site and must be read, agreed with and adhered to, before registering as a Member of the AlpacaME Trade Site. The Privacy Policy is to be used in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Policy may be updated or amended at any time, it is recommended that you continue to monitor the Privacy Policy and if as a Member you do not agree to any amendments, you do not use the AlpacaME Site and you contact ABANZ to discontinue your Membership of the Trade Site.

Information you give to ABANZ and information shared by ABANZ with you may be disclosed to third parties to allow for the Trade Site to run smoothly and allow for Listing, Buying, Selling and Bidding between AlpacaME Site Members. Information concerning Members that is collected through use of the Trade Site is also covered by this Policy. By using the AlpacaME Site you implicitly consent to the use of such information and the disclosure of pertinent information with Third Parties at the discretion of ABANZ.

Information collected through your registration, any communications and your general use of the AlpacaME Site may be used to confirm your identity, confirm that Terms and Conditions are being adhered to and to allow, if deemed appropriate by ABANZ, tailoring of marketing to enhance the use of the AlpacaME Site and its services to Members. As a Member you must endeavour to keep your details current.

By registering as a Member of the AlpacaME Site you agree that ABANZ may contact you by the means you provide, with information that may be of interest to you, including promotions, events, updates and communications considered pertinent to Members of the AlpacaME Site. If you no longer wish to receive such communications you can contact ABANZ and discontinue such contact.

Contact details may be released to other Members if considered necessary to resolve disputes only when a statutory declaration is issued. This is notwithstanding the release of information if requested by Law Enforcement or Government agencies or IRD, but not limited to these agencies. Information may be released at the discretion of ABANZ if it is considered that ABANZ, the AlpacaME Site or it’s Members may have their rights, property, safety or integrity compromised.

Information included in any communication either through the AlpacaME Site, by email or any other means, from other Members or Third Parties and including personal communication may be assimilated by ABANZ and held at their discretion. Such information can be used for but not limited to, internal research, ensuring the smooth running of the AlpacaME Site and ensuring the ABANZ Terms and Conditions are adhered to.

ABANZ does not sell, or rent email addresses.

Members must be aware that if their User ID is similar to any registered email address it is possible that any viewers of the site (not limited to Members) may ascertain such email addresses and Members may then receive unsolicited email or spam. This is unavoidable and out of control of the ABANZ AlpacaME Site. It is advised that Members carefully select a User ID if you wish to limit the likelihood of such events.

Members must be aware that information published on the AlpacaME Site are not subject to the ABANZ Privacy Policy and as such information made publically available should be carefully considered.

Members must be aware that use of the AlpacaME Site may allow others to see any information about you, such as trade history, including but not limited to listing, buying, selling and bidding. Certain transactions will allow your contact details to be revealed.

By using the AlpacaME Site you agree that as a buyer, or bidder, you allow sellers access to your User ID and contact details. As a Member, if you list goods or services, you agree to bidders or buyers access to your User ID and contact details.

Members should treat all information including, but not limited to contact details, respectfully and not use them or allow them to be used in any manner that may bring ABANZ or the AlpacaME Site into disrepute and not to cause harm, annoyance or distress to other Members.

Information accessed through the ABANZ AlpacaME Site must not knowingly be passed on to any other party without the consent of the both the Member and ABANZ. Under particular circumstances, exceptions to this would be, if requested by Law Enforcement or Government agencies or IRD.

While the ABANZ AlpacaME Site will endeavour to keep all information secure Members must be aware that third parties may attempt to and gain access to information communicated through the internet. The ABANZ AlpacaME Site cannot guarantee that information assimilated and held by ABANZ will not be accessed Intentionally or accidentally by others. By using the AlpacaME Site, Members accept the inherent risk that information on the Internet is never totally secure.

As a Member you are responsible for keeping your AlpacaME Trade Account secure by never allowing other parties access to your account, or knowledge of any security settings that could allow access to your account. You are responsible for all transactions and communications made through your account, and your registered email account.

Once registered you are able to change the information regarding your Membership such as your User ID, current email address, contact details, postal and residential address. Historical information may be retained by ABANZ to ensure Terms and Conditions are not breached.


If you no longer wish to be registered on the ABANZ AlpacaME Site, it is recommended that you email requesting the removal of your details from the site. This will be done as soon as ABANZ can feasibly do so. Any information that has been assimilated by ABANZ will however still remain on the database. This is in part due to technical issues, and to ensure information is available in the case of future disputes or requests for information under legislation.


Please contact ABANZ if you have any questions concerning the AlpacaME Site or this Privacy Policy.

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